Welcome To The Best Paintball Club

Our club has over 300 active members that take part in regular training, skill set days and scenario (all day events) which are played at all our fields. Plus a tournament event for teams that compete every 6-8 weeks at Marshall.

The club is perfect for those new to Perth, FIFO workers, those who love paintball and those who are looking for a casual club to gather and have fun.

Our club ranges from 12 to 65 years, male, female and caters for all walks of life.

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Complete a variety of objectives, explore different vantage points, immerse
yourself into different worlds and claim victory for your team!

Marshall Recreational Paintball Club

Come and have some fun with us!

Monthly Paintball Competitions

Since our club launched in 2012, we run monthly Paintball competitions. Sign up today to try and be the ultimate champion!

Play Paintball with Us

You don’t need to become a member to play with us, just come to one of our Paintball locations, get your gear and start playing.

Our Game Calendar

Our members meet up regularly to play the game of paintball. Our most popular game-day is on Sundays.

Events at Marshall Club

We host the National Paintball League competitions and world championship every year. Stay tuned to our blog for more info.

Monthly Paintball Competitions

We make tons of images and videos during the matches. These are then available online to share with all our members.

Fully Loaded Paintball Shop

Come visit our store where you could find tons of professional Paintball gear that can help you be the best out there.

Explore The Battlefields

We have 3 awesome Paintball battlefields.

Deep Forest

Old Hospital

Urban Shadows

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